Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ex.t. designed by young protagonists.

so much of what ex.t offers is really playful, another words, you can mix and match pieces, stack them, line them up, creating every time, a sort of artistic still~life in your spaces. and if you tire of a particular arrangement, move it, re~design it! simplicity like that is hard to come by and it's really fabulous. have a look...

your eye is drawn to the turn of these pendant lamps, the simple design and soft, warm shape. hang them in clusters or individually, each for a unique impact.

loving these "leaf hooks," really perfect in a residential or commercial space. plus they're fun ;) and fun is good!
again, look how ex.t's product becomes sculptural, pliable and easy to move around, to adjust. and accessorizing their simple pieces makes it all the more fun. whether you choose to add pops of bright color or textural elements to ex.t's pieces, they are easy that way.

i'm loving these little nook pieces and then the spaces that are created because of them. ex.t shows them individually placed or stacked and then transformed, tip one, one way, then another, to store books, magazines, candle holders, you name it. really versatile!
another element which i love about ex.t is the constantly changing shapes, widths and sizes of their product, from tall and skinny to wide and chunky. when you line them up or stack them up, their product evolves, it flows and constantly appears fresh.

these drip pendant lights are one of my favorite ex.t products. any kind of organic shape seems natural, sexy and oh~so~easy~on~the~eyes. don't you think?
i really enjoy promoting product or companies that intrigue me, they manage to always keep themselves interesting and significant in the big design world that we all live in. ex.t does that. so yeah for ex.t and yeah for us that we can enjoy their offerings!

ok, i seriously need to focus today. i have a bunch of work for classes due in an even shorter bunch of time! an extra cup of coffee might do the trick this morning. the sun is out (bonus for creative energy!) and i can smell that wonderful christmas tree fragrance in my house. (bonus for just plain good smells around me!) i hope your tuesday is starting out with a big fat bang of creativity and inspiration! enjoy...

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