Monday, December 5, 2011


though e15's seating is really, simply, spectacular...with all of those very soft, sort of architecturally, geometric lines, another really great product e15 contributes to interiors are these fun and pretty little side tables and desks. some are sculpted, some are shiny and some are chunky. but, they are all unique, and i want one of everything...

"at the heart of all of e15 products is consistent, substantial and unique sense of understated luxury." that's at the heart of e15's mantra and i love that! understated luxury? that's a very good thing in the design world, or in our homes for that matter ;)

happy monday friends, another fresh start to a brandy new week. do you have something fabulous going on this week? something amazing you are working on or doing? i'd love to hear. for me, i'm doing a bit of research on one of my last papers...for this semester anyway. a bit of house cleaning and maybe a run thrown in for energy this morning. have a great day!!

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Skinny said...

love the colored chairs