Wednesday, December 21, 2011

designing in sections.

sometimes when researching design elements, things come to you in bunches. this week i seem to be coming across fabulous storage ideas and solutions. kettnaker offers fine lines, quiet color palettes. kettnaker searches for solutions to adaptation. with their mathematical planning, stacking, storing and displaying holds no boundaries or any limits. have a look...

i also am happy when i find product that is completely adaptable to residential or commercial spaces. this product does, and the possibilities really are endless. one crazy idea came to me this morning. i seem to always be designing sexy, amazing bars, lobbies and lounge areas in my head. (what does that say about me?) anyway, imagine one large wall, with kettnaker product mounted in a very sculptural way, possibly lit or back lit a particular color. perhaps the backdrop to a fabulous bar area in a high end hotel or restaurant. every now and then a section is revealed to hold amazing glassware or intriguing photographs. hmmm, there i go again, thinking out loud! i seem to take product out of its originally intended element and bring it to a new life somewhere else. i think its fun ;)

ooh, i'm baking my bread recipe today. it's a swedish bread called nisu. a family recipe. i'll take pics and share the recipe later! enjoy...

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