Saturday, December 10, 2011

a beachy christmas break.

as i woke today to drizzly cold rain and grey skies i decided to take a christmas beach break (in my imagination anyway) and do a post about soft, warm, sunny skies product. like this amazing product from ego paris. now i need a plane ticket to somewhere warm...

i love this modern & modular approach to setting up your space on the beach, a slight sanctuary but incorporating natural shapes and color palettes of your already uber natural surroundings. love it i say!

ok, back to my new england reality ;) we are off to get our christmas tree later! while we decorate, making home~made cookies and sipping red wine to christmas music or a movie on the t.v., there will be a tiny part of me, separating myself from all of the holiday magic and glow. i'll be there, in the images above, listening to waves crashing easily on the sandy shore. between christmas and my beachy imagination, i'm sure to fall asleep with a smile on my face. enjoy!!


Patricia Villamil said...

gorgeous pictures. i wish i was somewhere warm too.

katrina - dot dot dash said...

thanks for the sweet comment and for visiting! I could definitely use a beachy break!