Friday, December 30, 2011

21st twenty first. objets d'arts.

if heading to new york didn't represent enough reasons already, 21st twenty first is another draw to add to your list, if you have room on your next new york trip list that is!

after 15 years in paris, french furniture designer renaud vuaillat moved to new york, to the chelsea artist district. a designer himself, vuaillat also represents the most intriguing and important up and coming artists today. 21st twenty first offers a large variety of pieces if you are in the market for one, unique and individual piece for your residential or commercial space, or more than one piece to begin a great collection. here are some of my favorites...

i really like the lines and exposed, draped cords of this floor lamp, made from oak, copper and fabric by rich brilliant willing. great name. see more here.

this outstanding storage piece is designed by damien hamon. how interesting are the offset drawers and external edges of the entire piece, nevermind how it transforms as the drawers are pulled out. see more of hamon's work, here.

i really like the flowing, connectivity of these pebble tables designed by nada debs, here. these would be interesting in both residential or commercial spaces.

i love adding metal elements into spaces, for the texture. this lively red powder coated aluminum table by gerard bringuier does the trick, here.

amazing lighting construction and star comet mirror by hubert le gall, here.

that's it! i really need to get to new york soon, 21st twenty first just put me over the edge for a must get to new york trip soon ;)

happy friday friends! another fun weekend is in store with the new year approaching. do you have exciting plans or are you laying low, sipping some champagne at home with your feet up? i'd love to hear! we are currently mulling our options, depending on what my son's plans are, we may head to a friends for a low key party. either way, i'm glad to usher in a fresh new year, are you? enjoy!