Monday, November 14, 2011

wallpaper. harlequin style.

happy monday friends, a fresh new start to the week! i have some fab new finds to share with you after my visit to the bookstore with my son this weekend, and after perusing the pages of delicious design magazines. first up is harlequin's wallpaper line. which i found to be not only rich in color and patterns, but rich in different. have a look at a few of my favorites from their many choices...

and i really love that last image, can you see the fancy line drawings of dinosaurs? so super fun for a child's room that i can't even stand it! i just really love this line offered up by harlequin and i'm tellin' ya, i'm ready to go for a wall soon. remember that you don't necessarily have to commit to an entire room, you can grab one wall, hold it tight and swath it in beautiful, rich, fancy paper. it will make it smile. it will make you smile. ;)

hoping your weekend was everything you wanted it to be and more and that you are back and ready to go, ready to get those creative juices flowing again. i am! it's crunch time for me as far as my graduate classes, lots to complete and to complete very, very well. but hey, i can do this. right? yes, i can do this! enjoy...

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