Thursday, November 17, 2011

verpan. a classic is a classic.

you know how every now and then there is a designer that captivates you? mesmerizes you? verner panton does that to me. the "outstanding and edgy" designs but with classic form, welcome in any space, residential or commercial, transforming the space, illuminating it, and seriously elevating it.

there is something so soft and sexy about verpan's collection. it's part elegant, part punk rock, part audrey hepburn, part debby harry. i love that. do you see a favorite? i'm really drawn to verpan's line of onion lights, that copper one is super snazzy.

enjoy this almost friday friends! i'm madly typing the end to a paper for class today. i'm hoping the sun comes out and gives me a much needed boost before i drive to boston later. but nothing a mocha won't cure! how is your day so far? i'd love to hear...;)

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