Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the stairs.

every now and then there are times when particular elements of spaces captivate me. after that, i find i'm staring at and comparing these elements while immersed in search of good design. staircases are one of those elements that can be just down right amazing in commercial or residential spaces. here are some favorites that have stopped me lately, have a look...

there are staircases that beg to be the focal point, or they are prominent, heavy, they are absolutely a part of the space. but these glass ghost-like stairs are necessary and while very much a part of the space, they are in more of an abstract way, i love that! via.

if you are renovating a home or building one from scratch, when considering stairs, consider the length and width. i love the easiness of this short, wide to narrower staircase surrounded by books. very non-intimidating and easy enough to go without a railing. via.

then there is the dilemma, ok, i have a staircase and i have a great space directly underneath and i'm not sure what to do...books of course! this entire staircase becomes more than that, it's a sculpture all its own in this space. via.

of course we've all seen painted and papered versions of staircases in design, but i'm really drawn to this black and white version and set against that patterned railing, it's all so interesting, perfectly busy and adds depth and texture to this soft white space. via.

i love this all white staircase concept, with the natural/driftwood style hand railing. it reminds me of spaces in greece or a tropical place, sunwashed and beautiful. via.

i've always been a sucker for a spiral staircase. always. but paint one? i had not thought of that. but i really like the idea. as a showcase piece in your home this pink spiral staircase is surely a centerpiece. similar to buying one bold colored furniture piece as an accent, this goes beyond that, to spectacular! via.

here, the wood entering all of that wonderful white, stops the space, these stairs quietly interrupt the space. and with no railing, they remain fluid and sexy, especially with that twist. via.

when designing spaces, whether commercial or residential, and when adding in or transforming a staircase to that space, there are so many interesting options. remember that a staircase is very much a part of your space to be considered, to be well thought out, to be fabulous! it can make a first impression but why not make it a lasting impression? if you are considering stairs, and if you are in the market for stair parts, from railings to balustrades, consider richard burbidge for all of that. it's one stop shopping for constructing a new or renovating an older staircase. enjoy!

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