Friday, November 18, 2011

let's spend friday in italy, at bonaldo.

i thought for a genuine eye~candy design treat today, that i'd share some favorite finds from bonaldo of italy. they are about doing things differently. they are about line, about exposing line, transforming it, from furniture to lighting to sensational.

aaah, just completely unique spins on classic design. on form. every single piece offered up at bonaldo surprises you yet draws you in, with and extreme sense of comfort and peace. at least that's how these pieces make me feel! ;)

happy friday friends! ffffeeewww! ah, to say it's been a long week is well, the truth. i have a b u s y weekend ahead too as it's crunch time for much of my coursework. but i get to have a little creative fun with constructing a power point presentation. so much so that i didn't sleep last night building it in my head. i love that and hate that at the same time! what are you up to this weekend? i'd love to hear...no really i would! i plan on parking myself in front of my computer all weekend. and if at night i have a glass of red wine in my hand, well then, all the better! enjoy...

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