Friday, November 25, 2011

kallemo:" it shall stand the wear of the eye."

i have to say, i've been stumbling upon quite a few really fabulous and new~to~me design companies lately. oh, don't get me wrong, i love when this happens. finding fabulous new designers does nothing short of make my day. to build your list of go~to resources up is the key, to log only the companies/designers that you feel, and for your clients, are truly worthy of time and attention, and promotion. kallemo is one of those companies. have a look...

one of kallemo's mantras is "the most important aspect is the visual quality. good quality means long term validity." i love that! and why? because it's true. when selecting a company or a particular piece offered up by a certain designer or brand (much in the same way you would approach or purchase a piece of artwork, another important purchase to say the least...), you really need to ask yourself if you can see yourself keeping that piece, for a duration of time, and every day, every time you view it, sit in it, turn the light on, or just plain utilize it in some way, you are continually pleased. if you are then wow, you've done it!

how was your thanksgiving friends? mine was uber relaxing, with a nice fire burning outdoors, friends, family, red wine, delicious food and the best part, tons of leftovers! i hope you relaxed, ate too much and feel energized and inspired! happy friday, enjoy...

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