Sunday, November 27, 2011

feather love.

what is it about feathers lately? from fashion, to jewelry, to patterns on fabrics and wallpapers, to decorating wrapped packages like these little beauties. i suppose it's because they are first, natural, that we really never tire of them, but also that they are completely individual, no two are alike, keeping feathers all that more interesting, age~less and timeless, especially when it comes to design. for whatever reason that we are all currently smitten with feathers, i'm all the happier for it, i have to say.

adding real feathers, plus with this very natural wrapping, makes for a soft & special package. this idea via notes on design

and recently i fell in love with this do~it~yourself~because~it's~so~darn~sweet idea, found via down and out chic's great blog. hand cut pretty paper feathers. pure love.

great holiday ideas, incorporating feathers, taken from pretty or textured holiday papers, cut, placed singularly or in bunches, making holiday gifts seem all that more special with touches of hand~made~ness. yes i made up that word ;) enjoy!

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jodie said...

I love feathers too!! I love this great present wrapping idea.