Monday, October 10, 2011

mixing glass & wood at porada.

hello friends and hello monday morning! i hope you are all enjoying this glorious long weekend. that you've been relaxing, inspired, creative and happy each and every day. as i continue visualizing intriguing and sensational items, color palettes and spaces leading into the autumn season, these parings of dark, solid woods and crisp fragile glass tables by porada stopped me. to ponder the many uses, spaces and environments in which they would simply set off a wonderful energy, to say the least.

here, glass meets solid canaletta walnut pyramid style. very stylish indeed.

this version which porada has named "lift", does just that, literally lifts the table top to your desired height. genius.

here, the same lift table, just not lifted. ;)

this wonderfully feminine flowing design is named "elika" by porada. also with a solid canaletta walnut finish but fixed on a solid metal disc. very mod, very amazing. some welcome movement and flow to any space needing it, residentially or commercially.

truth be told, i'm not a huge fan of large amounts of glass in decorating interiors, not exactly sure why, but for me the medium itself conveys a certain coldness that i resist i suppose. but, paired with these very warm, very sculptural woods, i was sold, on a little bit of glass anyway. ;) enjoy...


Sing said...

These are really cool.

Broad said...

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