Friday, October 21, 2011

mi casa es su casa. 10 things.

eeps! it's friday friends...yeah for all of us right? today is also the last day of my tumblr love series, the 10 things from each new tumblr site that i've featured. i've loved every minute of perusing these pages. so much inspiration, so much fun! kind of like fridays ;) this fab new tumblr site is mi casa es su casa, and it sure is jammed packed with design goodness...

so there you have it, some tumblr shout~outs, fab new fav's to savor, enjoy and pull from. love it!

what's in store for you this weekend? i just got a packet from the fbi to peruse (ah, i know, sounds strange but i requested it, it's for a class), so i'll be going over stats for a paper i'm writing. also, reading for another class. but, just maybe i can grab a chair and head outside with my reading as this weekend promises to be spectacular weather~wise. we've had a truly amazing fall. seriously the weather has been beyond beautiful. i hope you enjoy, wherever you go, whatever you do! cause it's the weekend, get out there and relax ;) enjoy....

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