Wednesday, October 5, 2011

keeping it simple.

lots to do today, and ending the day with courses in boston. so, today, this mid~week wednesday, i'm trying to keep it simple. here's my plan, finishing up on some required reading, (oh and while eating waffles, i'm on a waffle kick!), then a quick run to give me some much needed energy, typing, heading to boston, sipping a mocha on the way to class. that should do it. also keeping it simple is this little round~up of some simple favorites, have a look...

everything simply placed, via the selby.

very vintage meets modern space. everything is simply temporary. via texturism.

my kind of simple outfit. classically beautiful/chic. via vogue weekend.

fall and winter cushions from toast, simply cozy.

simply amazing, via rue pinterest.

simply cluttered. via rue's tumblr.

simply and naturally imperfect pots by pigeon toe ceramics and via leif.

simply green all over, via, desire to inspire

how is your week progressing? are you keeping it simple and organized or are you all over the place (ah, usually me)? if you are all over the place, tone it down, reign it in, grab a mocha and breathe. orders by me ;) enjoy!

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