Friday, October 7, 2011

it's friday! a fine little day.

you've made it friends! you've made it to friday, the weekend is at your fingertips. ;) cannot wait! i wanted to share a very fine new~to~me company i stumbled upon recently called a fine little day. (don't you love that?!) anyway, it's chock full of cuteness and lovely items. whimsical, fun, cheery and just year round perfect items for decorating any interior, commercial or residential. serious pillow and wallpaper love, have a look...

the "ohoy" pillow is a definite year~rounder. or at least it would be on my couch or chair. i love nautical anything anyway, nevermind the sweet line drawings and whimsical nature of this design. see it below in detail and in it's own line of wallpaper as well. oh and it's designed by 8 year old otto dunker. yeah that's right, he's 8.

this "ok" pillow offered up by a fine little day is charming, but also invites you and your guests into fall and winter weather/decor. plus it's just so darn cute!
perfect for the up coming change of seasons, perfect for any season really is this "gran" wallpaper. perfect little trees. love.

full of autumn colors, this "splash" pillow case will liven up any old couch!

this wallpaper pattern, appropriately titled "mountains" was also designed by 8 year old otto dunker. i think young otto is on to something, no?
don't you just love this company, a fine little day? i plan on visiting back often to see anything new they come up with.

what are you doing this weekend? what do you have planned? my son is home from college for the weekend. we are hanging out tomorrow, feeding him homemade italian food (his favorite) and catching up (i'm sure) on lots of laundry. sunday in my part of the world is supposed to be not even funny spectacular! in the 80's (october, WHAT?) so we are heading to the beach (october, WHAT?) and are hoping to indulge in a last minute season swim. i'm not sure if i've ever been swimming in october on cape cod. but by golly i'm sure going to try ;) wherever you go, whatever you do, so enjoy yourself! do it!

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L'Atelier said...

oh these are so quircky and cool! love them!!