Friday, October 14, 2011

have a fun weekend friends!

holy cow, it's already friday? oh, i'm not complaining don't get me wrong...i say that because i still have so much to get done. (i'll be pulling some course~work overtime this weekend!) but...there's always time for a little fun, right?

then tell me, tell me! what are you doing? i want to know your work loads for the weekend, your fun loads and everything in between. one thing i'd actually really like to do is carve a pumpkin. it's like a hidden child~like fun thing i super enjoy. a time to get down right creative. those fall pumpkins are like little palettes just waiting for a spooky image. so if i get that in, i'm good ;) wherever you go, whatever you do, however you view enjoying your weekend, do that! enjoy...

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