Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bright & wonderful.

it's mid~week, and we all need a boost time! so today, i thought it appropriate to post about bright & wonderful color, designers offering up bold pieces to add that much needed splash of fun, of texture or color to our spaces. here's a round~up of some new fab fav's...

naja utzon popov designs an array of bright & wonderful rugs, especially if you are in the market for doing rugs differently. from bold color patterns like the "ice" pattern, 2nd below to this top "botanica" rug with its swirling, spiky pattern. so inventive and highly influenced by nature, popov's rugs are a that conversation piece you are thinking of for your residential or commercial spaces.

how about these "unexpected corals" vessels offered up by fos ceramiche in their naturalia collection? they're quirky beautiful, bright & wonderful too...

the completely bright & wonderful fabrics coming out of anne kyyro quinn's company are intoxicating. from wall panels to these wonderful cubes featured below, anne kyyro quinn brings to design, color, 3 dimensional texture, each has a "tactile feel that appeals to the eye as well as to the hand." super bright & super wonderful!

completely mind~blowing bright & wonderful wall treatments are offered up by maharam. think amazing commercial spaces? ah, yeah!

there are so many pieces offered up by tacchini italia that are not only bright & wonderful, they are stunning and wonderful. from seating to poufs, i could stare at tacchini's site 4 ever!

and of course anthony hartley's handcrafted furniture from chairs, to tables to wall shelving, is always bright, bold and designer beautiful! based on form and motion (and color!), anthony's pieces will always stop me...

i can't even pick my favorite here out of this bright & wonderful collection. and it's grey in my part of the world today so this punch of color did me good today, to get my energy level up, to inspire me to open up, and to let creativity out. that's what designing is all about. i hope this mid~week wednesday finds you happy, getting things done, and having fun while you're doing it. for now...enjoy!

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