Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunday feel. pales.

it's a quiet mood this sunday. of course it's september 11th, we all know that. that said, my mood today is soft whites, subdued golds, breezy, gauzy curtains blowing in the breeze.

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today is a day for pancakes for breakfast, a bike ride in the sun, perhaps one more swim in the cool ocean, reading the rest of the new york times and putting my feet up. i hope, as we are all reflective today that you find some solice in the sunshine, the quietness of today. that on a day of bitter memories there is some spark of peace. enjoy.

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georgia b. said...

well said.

how are you, robin?
long time, no talk.

i saw your post in my dashboard {which i hardly ever look at anymore}, and i decided a visit to your blog was long overdue! loving the sunday pales here today. it is that kind of day... although, here, it is rather sunny and bright.

i hope you are well. enjoy your day.