Monday, September 19, 2011

a glowing monday.

happy monday, another fresh week for us to create, sculpt, design and ponder acts of greatness! i wanted to share a new lighting find, mgx, headquartered in belgium but with offices in new york and exporting to over 20 different countries (so don't worry, you can get one for yourself!), these amazing glowing embers of light.

what mgx states is that these lamps will "soothe your soul and engage both the imagination and the senses." well, they do that with super softness, and their exclusive 3D technology allowing for the creation of design and shape, otherwise difficult to achieve.

i love the very honeycomb nature of the lamps, how the light flows, yet that it's sort of trapped inside, like embers in a fireplace. how perfectly welcome would these lights be in your home after a long day. glowing above your dining table, or standing on a table in your living spaces? and can we talk commercially? imagine a lounge or bar with clusters of mgx lighting? holy cow, your glass of wine would go down easier than without them. ;) just saying. enjoy!

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Sing said...

Pretty amber glow.