Friday, September 30, 2011

a friday bright blast.

many of you know that lighting is one of my favorite mediums in design, whether it be residential or commercial. i simply cannot get enough of fabulous lighting, i also consider it one of, if not the most important element in any space. i am always discovering an overwhelming amount of new design in the lighting field, up and coming designers, brand new companies emerging, and new designs from well established designers as well. i wanted today to share some fab new finds, hopefully they are new and inspiring to you too...

how about lighting as a rope? these "rope lamps" offered by christian haas.

these are fun, the "slip lamps" by corinna warm.

"beute lamps" by michael wolke, very green made from discarded cardboard.

a new take on the chandelier with this "constantin chandelier" by andrea claire.

these "aria lamps" by kieser spath.

ooh, this "pagode lamp" by french designer, jean couvreur.

this "darwin lamp" offered up by istanbul~based naif tasarim.

the "eliz lamp" offered by stal collectief.

happy friday friends! what do you have on your weekend agenda? hmmm, for me, a small amount of work, a large amount of research (though i'm loving it), a run, a glass of wine (ah, or two), and enjoying these amazing last lucky days of summer weather in my part of the world. wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy the heck out of your weekend!


property in jaipur said...

i like diffrent types of lamp

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Some beautiful lights
I like the Claire chandelier it reminds me of a plant I think it is called Chinese lantern