Wednesday, September 28, 2011

feeling all black and white.

today i have alot on my plate, just alot to get done in one day, so i'm craving easy spaces, crisp soft lines, uninterrupted color, texture, a place to clear my head, remember what i need to (ah, all of my reading). whilst being drawn to these spaces and places and things, i also stumbled upon some great new blogs and of course, fab tumblr sites, have a look...

these artistic black and whites from japanese trash.

this black and white wallpaper, just because it's so crazy it's perfect! found here.

super fun black and white stacked books pillow, found via french by design.

what these punches of bright color add to this black and white space is warming and just plain fabulous. i love the painted logs! via the black workshop.

oversized chalkboard wall, such fun! this one found via another distraction.

love, this hair cut, the bangs, the length, the color, sheer black and white bliss, also via another distraction.

swish via steal everything's tumblr.

currently drawn to some of the black and white choices over at reborn.

adore this seascape wallpaper by abigail edwards.

happy mid~week wednesday friends! where are you at this mid~week? are you in complete control, or all over the place trying to get everything you want done, done? i'm in between all of that, it changes by the hour ;) enjoy!

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