Friday, September 23, 2011

dreamy friday.

this feels like a dreamy friday to me. soft. soft spaces. soft fashions. my head is finally beginning to clear, the focus for coursework is slowly coming into an organized plan. so that's good! i thought i'd share some fashion/design dreamy~ness for this friday post. just images i've been drawn to, spaces i want to lounge in, outfits i feel like twirling around in.


what about you? how has your week gone? do you have exciting plans for this upcoming weekend or are you going to sleep in and hang out in your comfy clothes all day? i'm somewhere in between, i think one day i'll whoop it up, the other, just try to get me out of those clothes! ;) whatever you end up doing, wherever you go, enjoy to the max!


The Belly Dancer said...

Thanks God the weekend came! I'm gonna draw, design and read!

Callie Grayson said...

my week was frantic busy!! I just got home! and I could have stayed abit longer but I have friends coming over for wine drinking tonight!
looking forward to the weekend!
WOuld love to twirl in that outfit in the first image!!!