Friday, September 2, 2011

an architect's art wall.

eeeps. sorry for the no post yesterday. i ran around all day, then came home and gulped down a beer and ran for my bed. literally it was like that! but a great day...i dropped my son off at his first day at college. his room surprisingly has tons of sunlight and small views of the mountains (the small ones we have in massachusetts) and his roommate is very cool. so all (so far) is right in his world. i then ran to boston for my own classes. double eeeps. now you know why at around 10:00 at night i chugged down a beer. ah, yeah.

today, this glorious friday, i'm feeling rejuvenated and i wanted to share a very cool art wall. i know art walls have been posted about to the max but this one i thought was different. it's the home of an architect named pedro useche in sau paulo brazil. have a looksy...

(click image for a larger view)
how unusual to hang a grid like structure first to attach all of the work, the grid itself constructs the art, it groups it into any formation you'd like, keeping a temporary look and feel, as if the entire grid, art attached, could just up and move anywhere in the house. just a different feel. and you know what? i like it!

hey, enjoy this friday, almost the weekend my friends, and i'll try not to do a few things: miss my son too much & not get enough sleep. but i will try to: get enough sleep, at least think about my son a billion times a day (hey, i'm a mom!), get out for a run and read everything i have to and more for my new classes. wherever you go this weekend, whatever you are up to, enjoy!

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Tamara Styles said...

love those walls. but anything that looks like a collage is perfect for me.