Monday, August 1, 2011

more muuto. except bright this time.

i've always loved the products streaming out of muuto's forever changing and inspiring line of furnishings. muuto is daring, they are bold, they can be completely classic and sometimes they just take classic and nudge it a bit, they slightly shall we say twist or distort it. to make it their own. i love that!

these chiseled~esque, hot color palette stools are simply that pop of cheery color that any space is begging for, residential or commercial.

part of their "rest" line, muuto offers up these poufs of adorability (is that a word?). i want one literally in every room. every room i tell ya!

these "closely separated vases" are whimsical, eye catching and quirky. another words, i love them. according to muuto, these "abstract bowls, plates and cups are merged in an intuitive way. reminding us of the beauty in disharmony and how old things can lead to new, if we change our perspective. the object works on its own, but is given a function if flowers are added".

i love the simplicity of shape and singular color use of these pendant lamps from muuto. oh, and they come in red, yellow, white, the list goes on!

these salt and pepper grinders are sculptural and super fun for any table, commercial or residential. don't you think?
this summer, muuto's bold color palette product is really jumping out at me. luring me to add that simply bright and bold piece to my somewhat neutral color palette cottage. that brightly colored stool next to my chocolate brown couch? yeah, that' what i'm talking about.

enjoy this fresh start to your week! it's monday and another clean slate. to dream. to design. to get daring. or to take amazing design chances. i love that too! ;)

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