Friday, August 5, 2011

happy (graphic) friday!

i wanted to share with you, this happy friday, the eye catching graphics of artist sasha prood. her use of water color, of color in general! her use of line and lots of it, or little of it. i am drawn to all of it. sasha creates "typography, illustrations, patterns and graphics using pencil, pen and watercolor with the computer." have a look...

not only that, her work is so darn pretty! don't you think? imagine the possibilities incorporating her designs, from fabrics to wallpapers to lines of papers, you name it. her patterns and color palettes and her use of line lend themselves to so many ideas within the design world and both with residential or commercial designing.

i hope you've enjoyed this art deviation today. check out sasha prood's work here. after that, start enjoying the weekend why don't ya! what are your plans? do tell, i'd love to know! enjoy ;)

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