Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fos ceramiche. it's about the lines.

i think we as designers have to stop every now and then, to not only look at the big picture, spaces as a whole, but at the smaller details, of individual objects and then even closer to what they convey, what it is that they offer to any space, residential or commercial, meaning, do they offer texture, patterns, color palette options or are they completely functional or completely eye~candy.

today i wanted to share objects to look closely at, definitely complete eye~candy, yet functional as well. fos ceramiche, based in italy, creates captivating objects of art to say the least. oh, and did i mention they blend their art into lighting?

what captivated me most about the work of fos ceramiche is their attention to line or oppositely, their lack of it. of gaps and spaces and void of color or plunging directly into large swaths of color. placed perfectly fos ceramiche's pieces would excite, ground, excite or illuminate spaces. they are pieces of art after all, and that's what art should do, right? enjoy...

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L'Atelier said...

wow these are super amazing, robin!