Tuesday, August 2, 2011

artifort. it's still about the color!

okay, okay, so maybe your style is not a brightly colored (i use the term loosely here;) , wavy striped pouf or couch? maybe you're more of a simple color blocked kind of person? well, let me tell ya, artifort is all about color, about the new rad style of color blocking (which i'm loving and seeing everywhere, even in the fashion world!) and artifort is about fabulous. have a look (don't worry it will brighten your day ;)

told you. did it give you a color boost? like, better than coffee could do? yeah. i love that too! the cartoon~y quality and the bold, cheery color palette just plain make me smile. i think added to any space, residential or commercial, any piece here would be that added bit of, "oh yeah, don't take life so seriously."

i'm a little late posting today (was off at those fun teeth cleanings!) i hope your tuesday is gearing up, that it's setting the mold for a productive and creative week to follow. it's sunny outside my windows, i'm going to get a few more (necessary but boring) things done then i'm heading out for a swim. enjoy...


Callie Grayson said...

complete boost of colour!!
love the second one with all the crazy curves of colour.

Vintage Home said...

...screaming goovey stuff...Thanks for sharing!

mydeco said...

The furniture looks great I like the bright cold colours used. These have given me some inspiration to design a mood board on mydeco.com with lots of colourful furniture pieces then use their 3D room planner to design a room with lots of colour! Thanks for the inspiration!