Wednesday, August 24, 2011

anthony hartley, a jumped up joiner.

for this mid~week post, i wanted to share something cheery, like the amazingly designed pieces by anthony hartley. here's a color boost to get you going my friends!

i originally read about anthony hartley on design milk's site, and was like, "whoa", these are in your face fabulous. based out of england, anthony "joined" the leeds college of art in 2000 to study furniture design. ah, glad he did that right? so anthony became a joiner, a unique and inspiring designer (oh, and there are other pieces by anthony here). "his furniture is based on forms and colors which describe motion giving each piece a sense of force and movement tightly constrained by the strong shapes and materials." check out anthony's site for more color and line, design inspiration this wednesday, you'll have fun doing it! i promise ;) enjoy...