Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday faces.

today i'm loving the faces on things, on everything, on pillows and plates and i'm loving that donna wilson has a button on her website called creatures. like the third one below. just sunday faces to share and smile about...

hoping you enjoy this glorious sunday! i'm up early, the sun is popping out nicely and as i go about my day today, i'm going to notice all of the other cool faces out there, like donna wilson's. enjoy ;)

p.s. i found donna wilson originally through the fab blog the seventy tree. for a blog shout out too today!


MissBliss said...

Hi, Robin,

These faces are great! Love the pillow and the little plate...

By the way, just re-read your description and so agree-- spaces are so important. We just did a major de-clutter this weekend and it feels like a whole new home :)

Hope you are enjoying summer-- are you taking classes or off for now?

mydeco said...

These look interesting