Friday, July 8, 2011

ersa. a very different portfolio.

they say they're all about office furniture, i say they're all about fabulous! happy friday friends, you made it to the weekend ;) and to reward you, another fab furniture find, ersa.

ersa was founded and is based out of turkey, but don't fret, their gorgeous office furniture (but really it's anywhere furniture, don't you think?!) can be found in europe, the middle east, the u.s. and some mid~african countries as well! i love the sometimes bright, sometimes muted sculpted tops, balanced on some of those fabulous metal bases. ersa's line makes for interesting compositions, for either your residential or commercial spaces. oh yeah, and office spaces. but really they are for everywhere in my opinion. (i especially LOVE those pouffs!)

where are you? what are you doing this fine weekend? hmmmm, tonight is a girl night, drinks, conversation, good food. this weekend, i'm hoping for a bike ride (on my vintage~esque new bike that i'm in love with), red wine, a run (if it's not too hot!) and definitely a dip in the ocean. tell me what you're up to, and in the mean time, enjoy ersa and their line of happy friday furniture! ;)


MissBliss said...

Love these colorful pieces... much better than most office fare and definitely usable for more than the office!

I plan on an ocean dip, too...

Enjoy the weekend!

mydeco said...

these look fantastic, like the pouffe's they look great! Hope to see more designs soon! Inspired me again to make a moodboard centered around reds, black and greay maybe a splash of blue too!