Monday, June 6, 2011

vondom, designed by javier mariscal. outdoor objects.

right now is about summer. right now is about sleek, sexy, flowers, pools, ocean, organic shapes surround us. the spanish influenced vondom offers an array of imaginable pieces, planters to seating that will propel you into cruise mode, to the caribbean, to a luxurious upscale hotel rooftop bar or even to your back yard. when you want to do summer seating, summer planters differently, vondom is all that.

i love that vondom's pieces are subtly abstract, that they are smooth like stones or slate, as if you can feel the heat of the summer sun absorbed by them. i love that some of them light up for a nightlife vibe, a summer glow. i love that they are just simply beautiful!

happy monday friends, a fresh start to the week is upon us. i hope your weekend was full of fun and rest all rolled into one. we played tourist last night in the area i live, ate fish and chips, drank a beer or two, all this after laying on the beach for an hour or so! lovely. except now i want fish and chips for dinner every night! ;) enjoy...


Empress said...

these planters are gorgeous, love love love them!

Heart Charlie said...

How modern and cool! I love this post ;)