Tuesday, June 14, 2011

vegas, flash, gambling & glam.

so, after pondering the effect of glitz and glam when designing interiors, my mind wandered to vegas, to gambling to the thrill of playing the slots to bringing tiny (or bold!) touches of that super sexy, heart pounding excitement into residential spaces. here is a small round~up of some easy ways to bring the thrill of everything that surrounds vegas & gambling, into your own home...

you might need this amazing good luck horseshoe necklace from house of harlow for good luck when gambling and playing the slots in vegas, but, around the house, you'd just be lucky to have it. gorgeous! (via)

little ways of sprucing up a space with a little vegas flair, add in some fur, an amazing pendant light or two and as we'll see below, metal, silver and gold! (via)

for me, an easy and quick vegas boost can certainly be achieved with the addition of this johanthan adler chandelier. love. (via)

padded, tufted white couches, metal edged coffee tables, oh and a disco ball above your space brings a touch of vegas into an otherwise typical space. (via)

between construction, rug choice, lighting, backlighting, this oh~so~vegas penthouse has all the glam and flash in one living room! (via)

though this is a commercial space, why couldn't you bring an intriguing, very vegas, sitting area into your residential space? maybe on a smaller scale, but this pink padded sitting area would make for a definite conversation piece library, in any home. (via)

very dramatic vegas~esque spaces can be achieved through use of monochromatic color palettes. throw in a metallic couch and voila, you've got vegas baby! (via)

remember that any kind of vegas glitz & glam can be found through use of metallics, shine, shimmer, all welcome in any space, residential or commercial, vegas or not. (via)

vegas drama style can come by how you choose to layout your spaces, adding in dramatic pieces of art and wilder fabric patterns. (via)

just by adding fluorescent or bright bold, flashy colors about can vegas-up your space. (via)

there are so many reasons people are drawn to gambling and vegas and the atmospheres it provides. it's a sense of magic, of mystery, of flirtatious letting loose, of fun, drama and that tingly feeling of how bold you can feel. exhibiting elements of vegas and all that surrounds it, into your spaces, whether in hints or giant waves, certainly makes for an interesting, and daring environment!

do you decorate in any way vegas style? if so i'd love to hear what you've done, or what you're thinking about doing! and remember, what happens on avant garde design, stays in avant garde design ;) enjoy...


Sing said...

I like these fun elements in a room, just my style.


Jules said...

These beautiful rooms show the super chic side of Las Vegas!! There is amazing inspiration in this flashy and super glam style! I can't wait to visit soon ;)

Xoxo- Julie


Tamara, Bella Boho said...

Wowza! Great photos, that pink tufted bench wall, not my color, but I love the idea. Speaking of Vegas, vintage photos of Sin City are an obsession of mine.