Tuesday, June 21, 2011

current designer obsession: india mahdavi.

i recently discovered the work of india mahdavi, global chic meets sexy and sophisticated, seriously...

india mahdavi was featured a while back in the new york times and i wanted to quote the author sandra ballentine: "india mahdavi isn't afraid to use her feminine wiles. the paris based architect/designer's sexy, chic interiors and furniture combine and contrast round, sensual shapes with masculine materials and warm colors with cold ones. her signature lighthearted tables and stools in shapes like chess pieces and flowers act as playful punctuation marks."

i love that..."playful punctuation marks." if you really begin taking in the truly fabulous spaces, residential or commercial, either in person, in the best designer magazines or on line in some of the new and most fabulous magazines such as rue (my favorite), lonny, etc., punctuation pieces are always there, they stand out, they accentuate spaces and sort of ground them all at the same time. they are necessary, they are usually amazing and they beg us to ooh and aaah. so, ooh and aaah today whilst visiting the gorgeous site of india mahdavi. it will make an otherwise typical tuesday, not so typical. enjoy!

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