Saturday, May 14, 2011

weekend accomplishments!


a couple of things: first, how amazing of a do~it~yourself project is this vintage suitcase with legs as a nightstand or side table? really fun and very amazing that's what! also, doesn't it have a face? like it's happy and smiling at you? i love that!

second: sorry for the late "happy weekend" post...here is the account of my day yesterday. alarm clock at 5:00 (that's a.m. friends!) drive to boston to the harvard dental school to complete a root canal (yeah, that's fun!), leave with a droopy face and in agony. bonus? boyfriend is there to carry your purse and lead you and your droopy face back to the parking garage. double bonus? off to the back bay to window shop and to let the droopy face effect wear off. light lunch (pasta so i could actually chew my food directly after my 2nd phase of root canal), glass of red wine to reward myself for my droopy face. then a couple of new purchases to double reward myself, then back home to complete one last assignment for class.

third: i'm free! free from classwork for a while and have completed my undergraduate work! yeah for me! so with a busy friday, i'm just now saying happy weekend my friends. i hope you are without a root canal, but with great food, wine and shopping this weekend ;) enjoy...

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Kate Lifecell Reviews said...

Now that is the coolest thing I have seen yet. I am going to raid my Mum's closet for her old suitcases.