Monday, May 30, 2011

happy monday & graduation snippets.

veritas. perfect.

here i am beginning our walk toward harvard yard, wheat in hand.

we stayed at the fairmont copley plaza hotel. a grand dame of a place, dating back to 1912. i kept looking up, it's where all of the beautiful was.

the morning after graduation & dinner, we all headed toward the airport to send my dad off and to grub down on breakfast in beacon hill at the fill-a-buster restaurant. actually the french toast there was killer!

me, martin and jay. companions at harvard, survivors of harvard french courses;)

i saw this on the back of one of the bicycle cabs, it made me smile. (poking fun at the duck tours;)

i loved walking toward harvard yard, with lines like this of graduates, from every harvard college, all walking, from all directions, descending on the yard. really surreal. gave me goose bumps!

me & my love. diploma in hand. yeah!

great faces, on great places, in boston.

cafe vittoria in the north end for after dinner espresso and tiramisu, completely delish!

me with my very old harvard book. my great, great, great grandfather graduated from harvard college in 1869. i carried his harvard class book with me the whole day for good luck!

seems like a strange picture to end my graduation post with but here's the story. well, sort of. as we were on our way to the fill-a-buster restaurant in beacon hill, we passed a fox news station that is there. well...i kid you not, my father practically lept from the car, ran, kneeled down and payed some sort of religious homage to the place. he's, let us say...addicted to fox news and this for him was mecca, the holy grail, you name it. his ship had landed and well, you get the picture. long story. ;)

so there you have it, our graduation weekend in short, but in fun to the fullest. it really was a magical few days all culminating from beaucoup work, driving, sleepless nights and papers and exams. i wouldn't have changed a thing!
enjoy this memorial day friends. we are off to plunk in chairs at a favorite beach, with books, beers and something delish to snack on! wherever you are, whatever you do today, enjoy!!!

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Joede said...

Congratulations, Robin! I bet it was a great day! Talk to you soon!