Tuesday, May 3, 2011

brushstrokes, by stefan wieland...wow.

i'm always on the hunt for exceptional, original lighting and with these, stefan wieland has created stunningly soft, figures of light.

the color draws me, the motion, the luminescence , the swirling, the tie~dye of it all, the bold, in your face brush strokes, that colored, fluid glass. stefan wieland's pendants are truly glass canvas', sculpted, caressed, designed, all with glass as the medium and color in mind. simply beautiful my friends!

how are you this tuesday morning? me? i'm not only enjoying stefan wieland's pendant lamps, i'm tackling my last week of classwork, papers, reading, studying and then a much needed break, cannot wait! i between today, i will be wrapping a hand~made by me baby shower gift (i'll share details soon!), eating (since it seems like i've not eaten in days!), playing with my cat steven who thinks i'm a cat (or do i think he's a human? hmmm) and taking a walk in the sun. yeah for sun! i hope your day is a~o~k! ;) enjoy...

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SoLoveLy{decoration} said...

beautiful lights
thanks for sharing
bonne soirée
sophie *