Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wednesday likes.

today is pouring down rain, thunder, lightening, the whole nine yards! actually a perfect day to keep me indoors working on an 8 page paper i have due by midnight tonight. but before i hit the books, i wanted to share some mid~week likes of mine...spaces, furniture, placements, oh and by the way, a few new fab blog finds along the way, have a look...

liking the way this cabinet was painted, messy, abstractly, one color flowing into the next, unexpected and very non~perfect, yet perfect! via the goodie life.

i've never really been a stripes kind of girl, but i'm liking them alot lately! whether soft and eclectic as in this space via purple area...

or more like this amazing, in your face with stripes space, via skona hem. very daring indeed!
liking non~traditional sofas, either because of the color, the texture, the size or where they might be placed or what they might be paired with like this very modern art. i love when traditional turns to the unexpected. via tumblr.

daring, solid, bold color. it's confident and it's really interesting without going overboard...via the goodie life.

loving this wednesday (and everyday really) the placement of this nautical wall, tiled, in the kitchen/dining area. to dream, to ponder, to wish, all while conversing and eating great food! a bingo idea! via the zhush.

liking alot, this hanging macrame nightstand. someone was thinking very creatively here and that's a great thing! via dwellings and decor.

large photographic images, people, places, things, either framed or not. hung, leaning, placed, put...and sometimes the bigger the better, if done right can make a powerful statement. via skona hem.

lately loving this shade of chartreuse/green/yellow. how about you? especially plunked against this black table, so pretty! via a different shade of gray.

touches, punches of animal prints, love! (i forget where i found this one!)

what are you liking this wednesday? any new great finds you are dying to talk about? i love that every day is truly a new day to design, with new finds, new prompts & inspiration, new decisions or deciding on a daring move to make. so much fun isn't it? hoping it's sunny where you are...enjoy!


Sing said...

I like that stripe room.


Callie Grayson said...

I love every image on this post!
and thank you for the credit!! you rock.
I really love that cabinet, cool paint job... I will need to do that on some bit of furniture this summer.
and I am a complete stripy girl. Love stripes in interiors and clothing.
hope your paper is going well.