Thursday, April 21, 2011

lights like atoms.

these amazing lights from ango, remind me of atoms or molecular structures. very intriguing and softly scientific. ango's mantra is "be what you seem to be" and that their designs are a "kind of an allegory about nature and technology-a vision of an electric arcadia realized with light". wowzers, super atomic indeed!

i was going to say in the right setting, these would be so controversial and a definite conversation piece...but what is the right setting really? is there a perfect setting for specific things? or is it more challenging and rewarding to just go out on a limb and insert pieces such as this lighting by ango into any setting really, from vintage/rustic to a more modern space. either way it would be interesting and amazing. what are your thoughts on the right setting issue, or these lights? i'd love to hear!

i'm wrapping up more classwork this morning, just got back from a run (this is perfect running weather!) and now something to snack on and some required reading. enjoy your day!!

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