Monday, April 18, 2011

into wood. into ex.t

ex.t describes themselves as a "young italian brand", beginning designs for the bathroom, evolving into the rest of the home. ex.t notes that one of their goals is to "try to answer to this constant need for change." and i'm glad they are...

designed by alex bradley, this "lean" towel rack, this completely beautiful rendition of your every day towel rack is aesthetic genius. a soft and interesting addition to any bathroom. or perhaps a professional spa area or hotel bathroom? now you're thinking!

or with the perfect addition of a mirror. perfect i say!

definitely into these nesting "trio tables", "with geometric screen printed motifs on table top edges. oak framed with powder coated steel tops." useful, edgy and interesting, these nesting tables could be of use anywhere in any residential or commercial space. i love versatility like that!

"made in natural oak, blub lights are handcrafted in the laboratory of belgian designer fermetti. available in four different shapes, blub lights are all characterized by an ironic and playful aesthetics." i just happen to love them!

how cheery to have this bright & sunny yellow bird/mirror/shelf around from ex.t? designed by hiroshi kawan and constructed from shaped plywood and shaped prettiness is what i say!

i was first drawn to ex.t's super soft use of woods, some painted, some natural, but allowing the surface of the wood to take part in the design. but ex.t is also a great manipulator of the wood, bending it, coating it, shaping it. giving the textural element of wood, when designing, a whole new feel. so this monday morning, not only am i into wood, i'm into ex.t.

have a glorious start to this monday morning. i'm desparately going to avoid the boston marathon as i head into classes today (how, i have no idea!) what are your plans today? are you working or playing? do tell...but in between, enjoy!

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