Monday, March 14, 2011

spring florals.

happy monday friends! how was your weekend? we were driving around this weekend and my fiance said, i think winter is over. i said "how do you know?" and he said "i can just feel it." well, i'm glad he "feels" it because it had me smiling, thinking of working in the garden, sitting by our little outdoor firepit, considering wallpapers, floral fabrics, colors, those peaches, those beachy color palettes. i officially have itches for spring...

via skona hem.

via joy thigpen.

via design is mine.

for those of you who've had a long winter like me on my side of the country, what is it that you are itchy for as spring approaches? are you "feeling" it? spring that is? well, i'm going with my fiance's hunches and thinking spring, thinking sherbet tones, muted and bright color palettes and everything in between today. enjoy!

p.s. the winner of the sissy little give~away from my post last friday is melanie of melanie's randomness! yeah for her because she just bought her first home ;) perfect.


Heart Charlie said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the idea of having an abundance of plants in the bathroom, how lovely! I may have to try that idea out when I move to my new apt ;)

Melanie's Randomness said...

I need more florals in my place! YEAH!! Ooo I'll email you ASAP!! =) Thank u!

Melanie's Randomness