Sunday, March 27, 2011

hello this sunday!

(via owi)

hi friends! just stopping in to say hello and that i'm hoping your weekend is plugging along and as relaxing as this wonderful sun~lit space. right now, the sun is on the back of my neck as i study french for a quiz tomorrow and sip delicious ice cold orange juice. yum. tell me about your sunday, i'd love to hear what you're up to! enjoy...


Oleander said...

spring cleaning to the max! 15 garbage bags, 4 boxes of crushed boxes and a truck full of pop cans.

Wow, now i have so much room to buy new things. lol
I am however doing it in the snow and cold as i live in alberta

Jules said...

hi robin! i enjoyed a lazy sunday reading on the sofa, followed by a delicious home cooked meal with my hubby and a couple glasses of red wine. now i'm off to take a bubble bath! good luck with your french quiz tomorrow...i took french way back in high school and loved it. xoxo - julie