Thursday, March 10, 2011

do you do neon?

i know a few of you have posted about the growing trend in neon brights, whether it be painted doors or walls or fabrics or accessorizing with neon, i have to admit, in small doses, i'm liking it...

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via bhouse.

via designeny.

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via apartment therapy.

so what about it? do you do neon? would you? i'm not sure about attacking a wall with neon of any color but a piece of furniture, a pillow? a neon green fruit bowl atop a rustic table. something like that is perfect for giving your spaces a boost or throwing them off. sometimes a space becomes so settled, so serene, that it needs a punch and neon, in small doses or large, loud, amounts will seriously do it. i'd love to hear your ideas on neon...tell me! enjoy...;)

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TamStyles said...

my head is still on pause here for the neon.