Tuesday, March 29, 2011

chiseled by design.

i'm not sure if it might be defined as a trend just yet, but i'm certainly seeing much in the way of sculptural, scooped, cut, and a just plain chiseled dynamic popping up within the design world, from wall treatments to accessories, to furniture, you name it, math, geometry, technology~esque, graphic influences are there. here is a round~up of some favorites i've come across recently...

cut, sliced and chiseled "nook" stools offered from vial. ok, & bonus? they're durable for indoor or outdoor use! that is bonus!

artistically chiseled vase, offered by mossi. i love this in white and i'd love it perhaps even life size, oversized for hotel lobbys, boutiques, or set in a residential seating area to throw off the space, as art, as wonderful!

chunky chiseled, "convivial seating" designed by candido de barros, for galleryr pure. composed as if strands of branches, modular and pieced together as you'd like, perfect for high commercial traffic and waiting areas. airports? hotel lobbys? hmmmmm.

softly dimpled, chiseled "showtime" chair designed by jamie hayon for b.d. (barcelona design).

"zig zag" chiseled bookcase, designed by aziz sariyer for b~line. this would be an edgy addition to any more traditional space, residential or commercial. zig zag edgy.

a chiseled figure stool, more specificaly, a "cul is cool" stool offered by abr. doesn't everyone need one? ;)

softly chiseled "rock~d" ottomans and pouffs by abstracta. commercially, gather a group together for spontaneous meetings or coffee breaks? how fun!

dramatic "starbuck" floating chiseled pendant light designed by olafur eliasson.

super chiseled wall panels,in some super fun color palettes, offered by buzzispace.

chiseled stand alone lights, designed by olivier sottas. chiseled beautifully.

i guess what i'm saying is that i'm loving the textural element any or all of these chiseled pieces offer to a space, commercially or residentially. they rock the space. get it? sorry. but they do! they transform, dull & drab, to fab & fun. so why not, seek out something chiseled, something with dimples, lines, concave, textural. spice up your spaces why don't you, and any of these amazing companies can help. enjoy!!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I absolutely love coming to visit your blog because I never know what cool things your going to show us next. I love that branch set-up of long couches. If I had a gallery for artwork I'd want that! That zig zag bookcase is awesome too!! I'd totally put it on a lazy susan or something.

Melanie's Randomness