Wednesday, February 2, 2011

la corbeille. a nice visit in their universe.

when i happened upon la corbeille, i did next what i always do upon finding fabulous new sites, designers, companies and product lines, i read their "about" section. the "about" section is an important element to a site i feel because it offers up and explanation or definition of the designers, the product they have created, their philosophy, how they view design, the design industry and the world really. on la corbeille's "about" page, the statement that had me smiling was "we wish you a nice visit in our universe." it was love at first site.

the shade is the lamp here at la corbeille. genius! hang it, table~top~it, place it anywhere by grabbing the easy~peasy handle at the top. so great!
i'm drawn to not only the textural but the geometrical element that this table offers to any space, residential or commercial. oh, and it folds up easily too! that makes it extra cool. ;)

la corbeille had my head turning at their line of unusual book cases and shelving. from this ladder/bookcase to the very snake~esque bold red bookcase, your options have now increased for displaying any or all of your favorite books!

la corbeille offers up a line of serving and dinner plates, all so very trompe l'oeil, that are far from the typical. from appearing to be torn, ripped, burnt or scratched these are perfect to bring out for unexpected guests!

just look at one of their plates closer, isn't the trompe l'oeil simply amazing. how fun to serve unexpected guests on!

whether you choose aged leather or one of my favorite creations ever, felt (theirs is recycled felt, even better right?!) la corbeille states that these super fun rug pieces "can be nested in every direction for a multitude of possible combinations."

i have a serious "thing" for lighting and i have an even more serious "thing" for cage pendant lamps. why? not sure, but the mixture of stiff, hard wire meets soft oozy lighting makes my heart skip a beat. la corbeille calls them "airy & poetic". love that!

enjoy this new to me and hopefully new to you now site, la corbeille. very french, very fabulous! new ways to view just about anything you take for granted while designing. i love that. things that have you either scratching your head, send you smiling, get you thinking or wow you in between all of that. that's what it's all about in the long run. enjoy!!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I love the ladder bookshelf & the jigsaw pieces rug!! Very different & cool!

Just wanted to say hi too! I hope everything has been going okay for you lately. =)