Monday, February 7, 2011

high gloss monday.

i'm slightly dragging this monday morning, so i thought maybe i (and maybe you too?) could use a blast of high def, glossy to the max, superbly chic and oh~so~more~than~fabulous punch of amazing? you got it then...

these hand~blown pendant lights from established & sons (a new to me favorite!) had me at oh~so~shiny!
fabulous hooks, shiny, bold, to hang anything and everything from. wowzers. very rock & roll.

these glossy sectional pieces intrigue me. like pieces of a puzzle, utilize one or keep adding for a dramatic coffee table/entertaining surface whether in your residential or commercial spaces. very sexy no?

stools, sidetables, coffee tables, nightstands? anything you want them to be, and especially glossy!

and yet another set of fabulous glossy seating meets the rawness of wood. i am loving the combination of the two opposing materials here. super interesting!

and why not go out (or in) with a bling bang? how amazing are these ultra glossy, gold and silver legged chairs? wouldn't you feel like a movie star? imagine one beside your bed in your bedroom? or perhaps off in a corner of a living or dining space where just it being there is so completely unexpected? perfection!

providing a very glossy commercial platform for british designers, established & sons wows us with their options, their fab finds, their shine and their glossy appeal. i'm just loving their pieces this morning. perhaps if i could plunk down on any of their stools, seats or sit under one of their shiny and shining pendant lamps this morning it would give me a much needed boost!? oh yeah! enjoy...

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