Wednesday, January 5, 2011

domeau & pérès. eagerness for innovation.

whilst flipping through one of the many interior design magazines which i surrounded myself with at the bookstore the other day, the clean~lined simplicity yet obvious design genius of domeau & pérès was a welcome change from the typical, the ordinary.

these pipe~like vases are not only fun, they are really fun. ;)

i adore what domeau & pérès's products offer to an environment, commercial or residential. subtle, sexy lines, refined but not restrained design. the wonderful pieces offered up by domeau & pérès are easy to place, they add a bit of different, they are dressed up and dressed down all at once. perfectly lovely.

it's mid~week, what are your plans? what are you doing? well, since i have a couple of weeks off from classes, i'm taking on a project that has been staring at me every time i head to my basement, a vintage bureau in need of a transformation, big~time! this week i'll post before pictures and i hope to finish the project before the end of the month! are you working on anything creative, are you transforming anything this month? do tell! enjoy...

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