Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the barn. just a lovely, easy space.

while i am still so very surrounded by milky winter skies and snow, i am drawn to quiet spaces like this barn restoration project in the netherlands. easy, comforting, no distractions, sort of like what it feels like outside to me right now...with a light snow falling, still air, and how the snow sort of muffles everything. this space reminds me of all of that...

built originally in 1906 and now converted to a delicious open floor plan. airy, soft and glowingly warm. i initially discovered this wonderful space from a fab new find called architizer which you, if you are interested in ongoing architectural projects and unique structures and interiors, might want to check out for sure.

i hope your tuesday is beginning easily, softly, wonderfully. today i plan on keeping caught up with my french as new classes begin next week. getting my little cottage clean and in order and perhaps sneaking a mocha in somewhere in between ;) enjoy!!