Thursday, December 23, 2010

last minute wish list.

so, i have a last minute wish list going. most of it is surprisingly realistic. and most stems from the fact that it's snowy outside right now, that it's christmas and that i have a break from classes. so, and because of all of those things, i give you, my last minute wish list...

with snow surrounding my little cottage right now, i'll be seeking out all of the sunny spots that i can find, and to read my book choices (see below). via analog dialog.
let me just tell you, i would LIVE in this t-shirt dress. wouldn't you? via one of my favorite shops to peruse, luphia.

one of my wishes while i'm on break from classes is to work on a little artwork,(i have a few projects going that need tending to!) and hopefully display it in a fabulous way, as in this fab space, via desire to inspire.

or similar to this display of various artwork mediums, (via)
just plain loving these yoga pants! via kaya yoga wear on etsy.

to wear a little glitz, a little glam this holiday season. every girl should be a just a little bit sparkly, no? via hallelu.

january wish: to read a book or two that i want. that is not required for class. and actually finish it! like this, this, or this. (via)
how cozy does this alpaca neck warmer seem? sooo cozy that's what. love! via pip-squeak chapeau etc. (made in brooklyn!)

what about you? do you have a last minute wish list? if so, what is one thing you want the most? do share! for me right now, it's really just time. time to dress up, time to paint, time to read, time to bake (my fiance would laugh at that one, since i do not bake, or well, but still enjoy it!). i'm off to wrap, run around, relax, and enjoy these last days leading up to christmas! you enjoy too...;)