Thursday, December 9, 2010

jewel tones in design.

happy almost friday friends! i'm lucky again, it's super cold but oh~so~sunny~! each day this december i'm becoming more & more inspired to think holiday, to think christmas, to think about sparkly design and to think designing with jewel tones.

transform sleepy, winter bedrooms with bright elements from bedding, to throw pillows, to curtains to paint. this amazing space from bolig magasinet.

eye~popping christmas colored chandelier! gorgeous, from huettners.

i created this fun mood board through style circle. click on image, then hover over each pic to see where i found these pretties!
just look at what adding even one jewel toned piece can do to a space. the color excites it, transforms it, energizes it, leaves it intriguing and to be honest, a bit sexy! from design is mine.

i want gobs of these jewel toned vases, (and they're recycled!) offered by viva terra.

amazing ornament~esque lighting from innermost. completely glam!

have you added anything sparkly, or holiday, jewel toned to your spaces this season yet? hmmm, i have a beautiful wooden bowl filled with bright red cranberries sitting on my kitchen table. i do add a few bright pillows to my dark colored chocolate couch to liven it up (pillows are the best because you can change them out at your hearts content and then voila! a completely different look and mood each time). i'm itching for flowers, new curtains and a new rug in my kitchen under my little table to give a burst of jewel toned energy to my cottage space. i'd love to hear your jewel toned ideas too.

also what are your weekend plans? we have a christmas concert to go to, my son has rehearsals for the new shakespeare play he's in, sipping a bit of red wine (hey that's jewel toned right?) and getting outside for some fresh, crisp air. enjoy!!


Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

i am loving jewel tones right now!

Callie Grayson said...

loving that bedding in the first image!! oh! that blue on the chair, can we say gorgeous!!
I have been purchasing mercury glass for my living room and adding wee bits of red in the space.
This weekend, I am decorating my tree and getting christmassy around the house!
have a great weekend!

Chris said...

I love love love the tufted couches! I really wish I could have one in my house, but I opted for a generic sectional since I have a little one (and messy hubby and pets) roaming about. I still have to decorate my enclosed front porch, though, and I was toying with the idea of putting a tufted couch out there. Something old and vintage from Craigslist, perhaps. Love the jewel tones, especially the beautiful blues. Ahhhhh...