Friday, December 3, 2010

i'm going to be selfish. these are things i want.

in general, for christmas and just because, these are some things i'm wanting...

to start...i want these soft mama lampa "bride" pendant lights. "the atmosphere created by the bride is feminine and airy; this most definitely a lamp with a gender; evidently that of the fairer sex. and for those who enjoy plenitude, several brides look simply radiant together creating a feeling of fruitfulness and abundance in a room and illuminating large spaces beautifully." simply & softly amazing!

i want to find more blogs to love (i pretty much do every day, but don't want it to end!) like this lovely blog, lovely clusters.

and this fab new blog find, design love fest.

i want a house with a wonderful fire~place. oh, is that too big of a thing to want? maybe right now, but one day soon hopefully. hey a girl can dream ;) via.

this incredibly glam, "grand flame light fixture" from one of the best home decor sites out there, modern chic home. can you even imagine this light in your home? ah, yeah & ah, wow.

i'm drawn to these bright, bursting and very cheery ornaments offered up by cb2 this holiday.

i want bunches of these velvety cushions complete with pom~poms and pom~pom garland from castle. the cushions to brighten a bed or couch this winter and how amazingly fun would their pom~pom garland be running around your christmas tree? love.

by artist anna-willi highfield,(found through anthropologie!) this great winged retrel. simply amazing. imagine this leaping from one of your walls? yes, made by crafting "its body by hand-painting, tearing and finally sewing together pieces of paper over a copper pipe frame. mounted on a timber block." not sure where i'd place it yet, but want it just the same.
i would very much like please, this "clara in lace" dress from free people. please.

and these amazing "velvet crusher" party shoes also from free people. and also please ;)

what about you? i know the christmas season is about others, giving gifts, not getting them. but it's hard to help it. what are you wanting? or even in your imagination? or for the future? just curious and would love to hear. happy end of a busy week. what are your weekend plans? we may light up our little hand made fire pit outside and sip on red wine,we're also raking leaves for a family who is away, for someone for extra holiday cash, and getting in some shopping time. sunday, i'm beginning work on a final paper for one of my classes and if my wish comes true, i'll be eating a fabulous dinner that night. so there you have it. enjoy everyone!!

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Kellie Collis said...

I love that gorgeous dress! And the lovely light fixture! Happy weekend, Kellie xx